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Welcome to Clean Green Nation. We are your premier source for energy efficient products and renewable energy equipment. Along with low cost energy saving items, we specialize in small wind turbines and solar panels to help you create custom clean energy solutions for your home or business. We have everything you need to install both grid-tie and off-grid systems. We even carry renewable energy equipment for your RV and boat!

Clean Green Nation is dedicated to providing affordable new energy solutions which help eliminate our country’s dependence on foreign oil imports and contribute to fighting the effects of rising energy costs. Our goal is to educate individuals and businesses about today’s pressing energy and environmental issues and to offer the opportunity to produce clean, cheap energy alternatives while making a positive impact on the world.

From residential items such as compact flourescent and LED lights, chimney balloons and hot water blankets to full residential or commercial wind or solar systems, we can help you save money while saving the environment. Clean Green Nation works with only the most reputable manufacturers of renewable energy equipment and energy efficient products to ensure the best possible customer experience. Every product we carry is heavily researched, and meets or exceeds our strict requirements for quality and performance.

Whether you choose to install a complete solar or wind system, or just need a few energy efficient accessories or information, you can find everything you need to turn your home or business into a clean, green energy saving machine. Browse our inventory, shop with confidence, and let us help you outfit your home with the best renewable energy equipment and energy efficient products.

Featured Product

Aircon Miser A/C Optimizer

In today’s hot and humid environments air-conditioning often accounts for most of the electricity bill and site tests of AirconMiser® have shown savings of between 37 and 61%.
Energy wastage occurs because most air-conditioning systems are ‘sized’ to deliver required cooling under the most demanding situations imaginable, such as on the hottest day of the year with a crowded room and the lowest temperature set point possible.
Consequently air-conditioners have a lot of excess capacity most of the time, so can waste a lot of energy. This also explains why AirconMiser® usually saves more energy during cooler months, though it still delivers significant savings even in hot weather.